Believe it or not your HOA provides a number of services that greatly benefit a community. Contrary to some opinions HOAs work toward the overall betterment of the community. Some of the things HOA's can regulate are the size and type of pets allowed, where people can park, the color of houses, the type of fence, and where your garbage containers can be stored.

Although many think these things are not fair, they are actually beneficial. Each one of those categories protect residents and the value of the community, which in turn will protect the value of your home.

On another positive note HOAs can also maintain amenities like swimming pools, parks, golf courses and common area landscaping. Have you ever visited a community where the pool was green, the landscaping was not fresh or park benches and other equipment may be old and in need of repair? This is probably a community that is not managed by an HOA.

They also determine who owns the sewage pipe that broke and maintain at their cost all of the streets and common area in the community. Positive HOA management can be a way to attract new homeowners to your community. HOA supporters say rules protect home values, although some worry they have too much power.

HOAs provide many services that are normally not available to communities without associations. A properly run HOA can be a huge asset to a community.

To some HOAs have a negative connotation.  Most residents under an HOA have positive experiences. If you are someone who wants to live in a thriving community and wants his or her neighborhood to look well maintained with stable property values, HOAs are the only way to go.
If you want the freedom for everyone to paint their home any color they want, or to allow it to look run down, then an HOA is not for you.  If you want to allow everyone's  lawn to go uncut, to see disassembled vehicles, boats, RV equipment or miscellaneous storage of items in the front yard, etc., then do not buy a home in a neighborhood with an HOA.

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