Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Converting Your Home into a Senior-Friendly Residence

Are your parents moving into your home due to their old age? Do you wanto modify their existing home to suit their currenthealth needs? No matter what the reason, here is how you canconvert an existing residence into a senior-friendly abode:

Easy to Open Hardware

Although you may not have any issues turning a doorknob, but it is quite possible that your aging parents may feel pain when they twist the knob to open the door, especially if they are suffering from arthritis or other similar conditionsReplace yourtraditional door locks with level styled hardware that is easy to open. Levers also work best on faucets in place of twisting taps and rather than opting for toggle light switches, choose rocker switches that are illuminated at night so that your parents and other aged people can easily access the switches.

Firm Footing Floors

Slippery floors can be dangerous in a home where elderly people reside. This is why you need to install flooring that is slip-proof. You can add firmly placed mats or rugs on the floor if you do not want to modify the entire flooring. You will also need to eliminate all those spots where people may trip accidently. Thresholds, and thick carpets can be quite a hindrance for those elderly people who need to use a walker, and they will also be a cause for tripping for other aged persons.

Staircase Safety

Ideally, elderly people should be moved into a residence that is only on the ground level so that they will be able to avoidclimbing the stairs completely. However, if that is to possible,handrails should be installed on both sides of the stairs, theedges of each step should be carefully marked and plenty oflighting should be installed the stairwell so that your parents or other elderly people will be able to climb up and down the stairswith ease.

Lighting-Up the Home

Dark places become the cause for accidental bumps, trips, and falls. Thus, if you want to make your home senior-friendly, install plenty of light fixtures in every room and corner so that no one will face an accident due to the unlit corners present within the residence.

Shelves and Seating

Elderly people get tired easily, and this is why you need toprovide them with plenty of areas around the house where they can sit down or place the items they are holding to rest a little before moving forward.

Securing Bathrooms

Adding grab bars in the shower, near the toilet and the sink willhelp elderly people in the bathroom. It is best to install a shower cabinet instead of a tub, as it is easier to get into and come out of. Handle held showers allow for easy mobility and easy to open faucets with single settings allow elderly people to clean themselves without being burned or injured.


Using the modifications above will help you in not onlyconverting your home into a senior-friendly residence for your parents, but will also be of help to any other relatives or guests that your parents invite to their residence.