Sunday, December 7, 2014

Try These Skin Care Tips To Beat The Dry Season Away!

It’s that time of the year again, which isn’t at all easy; for our skin, hair and nails that is. The cold, and harsh weather paired with extreme levels of dryness can really affect and leave us a little worse for wear. Add indoor heating to the mix, and your skin will be left even more starved of moisture, as the protective layers crack and dry, making repair work impossible. That doesn’t mean you can’t prevent the inevitable from happening, or at least aid in the treatment by following these easy winter care tips that cover head to toe!

Our Number One Enemy, Dry Skin

To cure dry skin, add a few drops of grape seed or olive oil in your bathwater before taking a soak. The other alternative is to apply a thin layer of the same oil, onto your body after the bath or shower. 

Red and irritated skin can feel better from oatmeal infused bath, as strange as it may sound. For extremely damaged skin, opt for Vaseline instead of any other regular lotion and apply a thick layer within three minutes from stepping out of the bath.

Red Noses Are Embarrassing

The reason why our noses turn red like a tomato in winters is because when in the cold weather outside, blood circulation is stopped to the nose. The vessels dilate fast, when we come back in the warmth, which causes a rush of blood to the nose. 

There is no reason to look like Rudolph, the reindeer anymore. To brink a normal hue to your nose apply a warm water compress to it for a few minutes. If suffering from a winter cold, opt for extra soft tissues and make sure not to rub the nose for that will only irritate the skin further. Throughout the day keep applying a thin layer of ointment to keep the sensitive area moisturized.

Deal With Itchy And Dry Scalp

Once every week or specifically before taking a cool shower,massage in some vitamin E, coconut or olive oil and wash the hair with an anti dandruff shampoo. Tea tree oil is also a good substitute for replenishing the oils naturally present in the scalp. 

Brittle Nails Are Unhealthy

In winters, you may have noticed that the nails on your hands and feet are more susceptible to breaking. This is because; the dry air sponges the moisture, leaving nails delicate and brittle. Brittle nails are easy to treat; all you have to do before going to bed is apply olive oil or any lotion containing lanolin on your nails. For more effectiveness, put on gloves and socks to trap the moisture.

What To Do With Static-Y Hair

Come winter and your hair starts to resemble a haystack, that won’t stay neatly inside a hat however hard you try! The long standing tip to battle static in hair is conditioner and loads of it. 

If static is still a problem, consider purchasing brushes with natural bristles which produce less static than its plastic counterpart. Change your head gear to cotton hats.

With these winter skin tips in mind, you’ll be sure to breeze through the cold season without any problem!


Cyber Monday – the Aftermath


Cyber Monday as we all are very well aware of is the Monday that comes after the Thanksgiving holiday. The term itself was created by marketing companies in a bid to promote online shopping, and like every year, much hype and expectation was placed on the day this year too.

The deals offered on Cyber Monday are online only, by those retailers who cannot possibly compete with the giants, but have an amazing playing field in cyber world. The day as opposed to Black Friday generally offers majority of deals in fashion retail.

The Day After Cyber Monday For Online Shoppers

This year, Cyber Monday proved to be a game changer, and attracted shoppers far more than was expected particularly after a weekend prior that saw very few people shopping in stores. One of the reasons for this might be because shoppers have had more chances to get deals throughout the week, making this a weeklong online shopping fiesta. 

The holiday season is not yet over, and it has been predictedwhat with promotions and deals spread out across the whole of December that shoppers will continue to spend long after the initial sugar rush. To entice shoppers, Wal-Mart doubled the number of promotions for Cyber Monday, and the number will continue to grow throughout the rest of the holiday season. 

Shoppers Have The Luxury To Wait And See

The best thing about deals is yet to come! Now, shoppers can postpone their Christmas shopping, and still end up with amazing, and money saving deals and promotions online. At the rate this season has been going, people are more willing to wait out for the best deals and promotions, because they can!

This is largely due to the stellar performance of some retail stores, which came out on top of their class from Sunday, and throughout the day after cyber Monday. The retail stores listed here are the ones to look out for closely as the time for Christmas rolls around the corner.

The Top Online Stores To Put Up A Show Come Christmas

Since these stores showcased a bucket load of popular offers and sales this cyber week, there is a very good chance that they’ll want to extend them for Christmas! Fingers crossed.

Google Play: Is best for landing on the best freebie deals, for those who have over stretched and exhausted their wallets on Black Friday madness. 

Home Depot:  Ideal for the do it yourself aficionados, who don’t mind a trip to the local home depot store to collect the spoils of your endeavors. 

Ralph Lauren: Is best for the high flyers of fashion that are looking to get the best deals on high quality inner and outer wear

Boscov’sIdeal for the hard savers who are looking to land on kitchen items, offers of discounted dishes to cheap cookware and other items. 

So, keep your eyes open for yet more online shopping madness!